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NEC3 TSC Plan and Task Order Programme Submission Template

NEC3 TSC Plan and Task Order Programme Submission Template

Use this free downloadable template to help you create a programme submission under the NEC3 Term Service Contract (TSC).

The TSC considers the plan and programme to be a management tool of vital importance requiring the Contractor to make regular programme and plan submissions, requiring the programme or plan to comply with the contract and requiring the Service Manager to accept or not accept. When it is accepted, it becomes the latest Accepted Plan or latest accepted Task Order programme. Sanctions exist against the Contractor if a programme is not submitted when it should be or if no Accepted Plan is in place.

You can use this NEC3 TSC template for the Contractor’s submission and the Service Manager’s reply as follows:

  • Submit under clause 21 a plan or under X19.5 a Task Order programme
  • Submit under clause 22 a revised plan or under X19.6 a revised Task Order programme
  • Reply under clause 21.3 or X19.7 to a submission
  • Instruct under 22.1 or X19.9 to submit a revised plan or programme