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EU Procurement Law an Introduction

EU Procurement Law an Introduction

Do you need to understand the EU procurement rules? The penalties for breaching the rules and getting a procurement process wrong are even more onerous following the implementation of the Remedies Directive into the UK regulations. Understanding the complexities of the rules is essential in order to stay within the boundaries of procurement legislation and procurement professionals and their advisors need to be aware of these complexities. This learning path of four courses will walk you through the general principles of the UK legislation, the thresholds, procedures and timetables that apply to public procurements. This learning path has been built in collaboration with Crown Commercial Services and industry-leading practitioners from Mills and Reeves legal practice and other leading consultancy practices, who have been published widely and been directly involved in the drafting of the new UK regulations (LP20137).

What you will learn:

1) What public procurement is and when it applies,
2) What type of services it concerns and what the expenditure thresholds are,
3) What types of procurement procedures are available and how they can be followed and
4) What the risks of not following the regulations are.

Recommended for all procurement professionals, legal consultants, and stakeholders. The course has been developed for those new to public procurement or who require a refresher.