NEC3 Seminar Series 2014

NEC3 Seminar Series 2014

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This learning path provides a series of seminars from the 2014 NEC People Conference. It represents an ideal opportunity for the busy practitioner to keep fully up to date with all the hot topics on NEC3 and NEC4 and dive deep into some of the more subtle aspects of NEC Contracts (LP100003).

By the end of this learning path, you will have explore the following topics: -

- Crossrail: NEC3 An Effective Close Out Strategy
- NEC3 Commercial Conjecture
- NEC3 Don't look back in anger - retrospective assessments of NEC Contract CE's
- NEC3 ECC - Contract Data. Getting it wrong
- NEC3 Its as easy as ABC Contract Strategy
- NEC3 Legal Update 2014: From Adjudication to Z clauses
- Getting Set Up for Success with the NEC Contract