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Webinar Schedule - March 2022

Webinar Schedule - March 2022

Here is the full list of Webinars scheduled for this March:

March 2nd

Understanding What Sums Properly Due JCT Design & Build Contract Part 2 - Loss and Expense Claims

March 8th

FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 (Part 1 - 12) 2-Day Session

March 10th

How to Produce and Update your Programme Under NEC3 ECS

March 16th

FastDraft Masterclass: Compensation Events

Overview of Payment Provisions under JCT D&B Contract - Timing and amounts due

March 17th 

The Key Differences Between NEC3 and NEC4

March 23rd

Overview of Payment Provisions Under JCT D&B Contract - Listed Items and Deductions

March 24th 

An Overview of Risk Management (Part 1)

March 29th

RICS Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) – Overview of the APC

March 30th

Indemnity and insurance under JCT D&B - Public Liability, and Works Insurance

March 31st

An Overview of Risk Management (Part 2)


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