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Webinar Schedule - June 2022

Webinar Schedule - June 2022

Here is the full list of Webinars scheduled for this June:

June 1st

Introduction to Date of Possession and Completion under JCT D&B Contract

June 2nd

Amending the JCT Contracts

June 7th

NEC4 PSC (Part 1-6) 1-Day Session

June 8th 

An Introduction to the Extensions of Time Provisions under JCT D&B Contract

June 9th 

What to do when things go wrong on an ECS Subcontract (Title, Insurance, Risks and Disputes)

June 14th

Impact of Sustainability Issues on Development & Construction

June 15th

Overview of Partial Possession and Practical Completion under JCT D&B Contract

June 16th 

FastDraft Early Warning Masterclass

RICS Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) Part 2: Written submission

June 22nd

Consequences Failing to Complete the Works Before the Completion Date and LADs under JCT D&B Contract

June 23rd

Contractual Entitlements (Part 1-6) 1-Day Session

June 28th 

Capital Allowances in Construction

June 29th

Control of the Works by Employer’s Agent, Site Manager, Contractor and Employer under JCT D&B Contract


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