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Webinar Schedule for March 2021

Webinar Schedule for March 2021

The full list of webinars scheduled for March are as follows:

March 3rd

Control of the Works by Employer’s Agent, Site Manager, Contractor and Employer under JCT D&B Contract

March 4th

FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 (Part 1): The FIDIC Suite, key characteristics of the Yellow Book, the General Conditions and other documents

FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 (Part 2): The personalities and communication

FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 (Part 3): Tender and award, the contract documents, quality and design

FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 (Part 4): Procurement and Subcontracting, Staff and Labour & Commencement and Completion*

FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 (Part 5): Programme and progress, Extension of Time, Suspension and Delay Damages*

FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 (Part 6): Contract Price, Payment and Final Account*

March 5th

FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 (Part 7): Ground Conditions, Force Majeure and Termination*

FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 (Part 8): Risk and Responsibility and Insurance*

FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 (Part 9): Completion and Handover, Retention*

FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 (Part 10): Variations and Adjustments*

FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 (Part 11): Tests and Defects Liability*

FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 (Part 12): Claims and dispute resolution*

March 10th

Control of the Works Under JCT D&B Contract for Design Submissions and Employer’s Instructions

March 11th

How to Pay Subcontractors and get Paid Under ECS and a Quick Overview of the SOCC

March 17th

Control of the Quality Under JCT D&B Contract

March 24th

Managing Subcontracted Works and Named Sub-contractors Under JCT D&B Contract

March 25th

Osborne Clarke's annual Construction review 2020

March 30th

Overview of the APC - Structured training *

March 31st

IR35 legislation changes - How will it affect you?

Understanding What Sums Properly Due Under JCT Design & Build Contract - Part 1 Adjustments


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