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Webinar Schedule for April 2021

Webinar Schedule for April 2021

The full list of Webinars scheduled for April are as follows:

April 14th

Overview of Payment Provisions under JCT D&B Contract - Timing and amounts due

April 15th

Handy Tips and Tools to Help PMs and Civil Engineers Keep Control of Project Costs

April 20th

NEC4 ECC Day Session 9:00 - 17:00 *

April 21st

Overview of Payment Provisions Under JCT D&B Contract - Listed Items and Deductions

April 22nd

The Key Differences Between NEC3 and NEC4

April 24th

IR35 legislation changes - How will it affect you?

April 28th

Indemnity and insurance under JCT D&B - Public Liability, and Works Insurance

*  The first three Webinars in the day sessions are free for everyone. Attending the afternoon sessions will require an active Premium Subscription. More info here

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