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Webinar Schedule - April 2022

Webinar Schedule - April 2022

Here is the full list of Webinars scheduled for this April:

April 5th

Adjudication in the Construction and Engineering Industries

April 6th

Default, Repudiation, Insolvency and Termination Under JCT D&B

April 7th

NEC3 ECC (Part 1 - 6) 1-Day Session

April 12th

Leadership in Construction Project Management (Part 1 - 6) 1-Day Session

April 13th

Default and Termination Procedures under JCT D&B

April 14th

FastDraft Early Warning Masterclass

How to pay Subcontractors and get paid under ECS and a quick overview of the SOCC

April 19th

Construction Cost Inflation 2022

April 20th

The Five Methods of Dispute Resolution under JCT D&B16

April 21st

RICS Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) Part 4: Mandatory Competencies Level 1

April 26th

Stress Management for Construction Professionals

April 27th

Overview of the JCT Design and Build Contract


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