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Ways to Improve your Teams Online Training Productivity

Ways to Improve your Teams Online Training Productivity

The great minds behind Built Intelligence have yet to discover a way to transfer new knowledge directly into your brains, the success of a training program will remain based on learners sitting down to study.


The biggest obstacle when it comes to eLearning is finding the time to do it, especially as, employees often neglect their training because they see it as something unrelated to their work duties in the office or on-site.

Our courses on NEC3, NEC4JCT, Construction Law, CDM & BIM typically take 30 minutes to complete and are compatible on mobile devices such as mobile phones and Tablets. You could, for example, designate 15 - 20 minutes a day which could enable you to complete up to 5 courses a week, effectively meaning you could complete a 20+ academy within a month. 

You can also take advantage of periods when business is quiet (if that exists in your company) to give your employees some time to do the training.

Role of the Team Leader

All of the companies we work with should have a designated Team Leader on our Learning Management System (LMS). 

As well as the account manager, The team leaders role plays a huge part in the team's overall course completion rates. As a team leader on our LMS, you will have an 'overseers' view of your team. You will have access to reports, analytics and a full list of your team with their current progress. 

Also, as part of the initial set up process, scheduled monthly progress reports will be sent to the team leader and monthly course reminders are sent to all users to remind them about our training tools.


A great way to gain a learning culture in the workplace is by appealing to your employees' competitive spirit. By taking advantage of our LMS's gamification capabilities, for example, you can have your employees hooked into an office-wide competition for learning credits and achievement badges. Gamification techniques can be surprisingly useful and motivational for people of all ages.

In general, a work culture that encourages training for employees will generate more positive eLearning outcomes.

If you have any questions regarding our online training courses and their availability for use with the public sector, please contact us via enquiries@builtintelligence.com 

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