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Technology and the construction industry – are we digitally up to speed?

Technology and the construction industry – are we digitally up to speed?

In a world full of technology it seems strange that construction, one of the largest and strongest industries we have, lags behind on the adoption of some key digital developments.

The built environment is changing and as an industry, we must change with it, aligning corporate strategies with technology and adopting a robust digital approach.

Where to start?

  • Reviewing the technologies that are available and how they can develop and sit in your business plan – what can be achieved by adopting these new strategies?
  • Getting buy-in from your team is imperative for the success of any changes and developments – staff MUST be engaged and upskilled to use these new technologies. Money is wasted on new products, systems and training if they are not utilized.
  • Better data, better decisions! Digital construction is not just about BIM and robotic solutions but also about workflows, technology, and site and head office synergy.

Technology has a role to play in every aspect of the construction industry, from the internet to drones on site and as an industry we need to keep up to date and current on developments and the tools available.

As a company, Built Intelligence are passionate about researching & developing digital solutions and bringing the best to the market. We also work closely with industry experts to share information and data with our construction communities to support change and innovation.

Contract Management System

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Our training academy carries more than 600 courses, all authored by industry experts and covering construction topics such and NEC, JCT, FIDIC, CDM, Contractual Entitlements, Law, H&S, Procurement, Project Management, BIM, soft skills and much more.

Our courses are CITB accredited technical courses to support compliance and professional development programmes for CIOB, RICS, CICES, ICE, APM and other professional instructions.

Upskilling staff has never been easier through our mix of eLearning, webinars, live sessions, skill assessments and analytics tools.

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About the author

Carolyn Robins is Strategic Partners Manager at Built Intelligence.  With a background in construction and property, Carolyn deals with content contributors and authors as well as overseeing the marketing and communications for the company.

Spare time is spent volunteering at a local charity working with young adults with learning difficulties, or spending time with her family, travelling, or her other passion - wine tasting!!

carolyn.robins@builtintelligence.com     https://www.linkedin.com/in/carolyn-robins-69a67334/



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