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Team Tales - November 2022

Team Tales - November 2022

This month our interview is with Kyle Prosser our new Trainee Software Apprentice based in our Bristol Head Office

1. Can you describe yourself in 10 words?

If I were to try my best, my answer would be: Motivated, Independent but happy to work with a team, Responsible, Dedicated, Exciting, Friendly, Ambitious, Enthusiastic, Intelligent and Helpful.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work background?

I spend a lot of my free time working on personal projects in order to sharpen my skills as a developer. Working at BI will be a new unique experience for me as its my first Job all together and within the industry!

3. How long have you been with Built Intelligence?

From the time this post goes out it will mark my first month working for Built Intelligence, So far I have loved every moment along with the amazing team who have been there willing to help me learn.

4. So, can you tell us what your role entails at BI and what a ‘day in the life of’ looks like!

My job so far has enabled me to work on a project to manage the internal deployments for BI. I personally take an efficient and ambitious route to ensure the best quality product I can achieve. Within my day I see myself attending a morning sprint call which allows the development team to catch each other up on the work that took place on the previous day along with what will be achieved on the day. I find myself learning new techniques along with testing my work to ensure a suitable project for the end user. Once I have finished my task for the day, I will notify my line manager to test the new features and then merge the changes into the existing codebase.

5. What’s the best thing about your role?

I believe the best part of my role is learning new things within a growing industry. Not only have I learned how to use new software along with implement more effective approaches, but I’ve also been able to learn more about the construction industry, gaining an understanding for NEC4 & NEC3 contracts.

6. What has been your finest moment at BI – what achievement have you been most proud of?

Finishing my first project for BI within an amazing development team. Whenever I was a little stuck all it took was one message and they were willing to support me in all ways possible.

7. Tell us a little something about the person behind the role?!

I’m proud to say I’ve been able to create a few massive communities who love the work that is done within them. An example of this would be an application which created an AI (Artificial Intelligence) chat bot. This project ended up turning into a community lead environment where new features and learning patters were generated from the community.

 8. Final thoughts or tips?

Take pride in the work you do and never stop learning.

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