Team Tales - December 2023

Team Tales - December 2023

We are delighted this month to feature Sid Kandasamy, one of our team of software developers. Sid is so much more than this though - he is a real team player and always goes the extra mile to help support colleagues throughout the business!

Can you describe yourself in 10 words?

Hmm, its difficult to describe yourself in 10 words, but I like to think I am confident, resilient, highly motivated, hardworking, helpful, passionate, positive, organised, and funny!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work background?

I am originally from Cornwall and moved to Bristol in 2018. Working at BI was my first job within the industry, joining as a Junior Web Developer, where my initial responsibilities were to be help build features with FastDraft’s old UI and start creating our ReachBack platform.

How long have you been with Built Intelligence?

Almost 4 years!

So, can you tell us what your role entails at BI and what a ‘day in the life of’ looks like!

My day starts with a morning sprint call in which the team of developers discuss what we would like to achieve that day and the progress we have made so far on our tasks. This could lead to a day of working on FastDraft, ReachBack, Shopify, PowerBI and testing.

What’s the best thing about your role?

I use a variety of different skills/languages almost every day, which I love! One day, I could be working on the Front End of FastDraft, the next I could be using .NET on the backend. I also could be using Liquid.js when building on Shopify, or now, even getting my teeth into PowerBI!

What has been your finest moment at BI – what achievement have you been most proud of?

Developing and building numerous features within FastDraft, being in charge of the creation and maintenance of Reachback, as well as being a helping hand with our Shopify site!

Tell us a little something about the person behind the role?!

I like to keep myself active and healthy. I run a lot and go to the gym almost daily. I also really enjoy my downtime and relax by kicking back and binge watching a series or movies.

Final thoughts or tips?

Enjoy the little wins just as much you enjoy the big wins!


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