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RICS APC Structured Training Part 3: Final Assessment Interview - 21 February 2023

RICS APC Structured Training Part 3: Final Assessment Interview - 21 February 2023

2021 saw the launch of our APC training modules – a great way to get on track with your RICS APC with a foundation of easy to follow training webinars and courses delivered by qualified RICS assessors and mentors.

The webinars form the foundation of the supported training course and are available throughout the year with a subscription to the Built Intelligence training academy.

  1. Overview of the APC
  2. Written submission
  3. Final assessment interview
  4. Mandatory competencies - level 1
  5. Mandatory competencies - level 2
  6. Ethics, rules of conduct and professionalism

Part 3 of our 6-part RICS APC training is now in the Training Calendar for existing subscribers. To register for this event early, go to your Training Calendar on your Bridge Learner Dashboard and select date.

What's it about? 

Our third module covers the APC journey from submission through to the final assessment interview and explains how to apply and the choices and options to be made through ARC and tips and hints for preparing for your interview. The course is intended for anyone just starting their APC journey or those who are some way through and wish to keep on track.  The course is 1 hour in duration.

After attending this webinar you should be able to:-

  • Understand the submission process
  • Submit your documents, including the Counsellor sign-off process
  • Be prepared for the interview
  • Understand the assessment criteria
  • Understand the referral and appeals procedure, in the worst-case scenario

This is the third in a series of 6 modules which will form the foundation of the APC learning and a subscription will be needed prior to the event and the course will then be available on-demand for subscribers only (including module 1&2 also)

With subscriptions from just £25 per month this is a great way of accessing a library of subjects and training material together with whitepapers, templates and technical helpdesk support    Find out more

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