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New from Built Intelligence- November 2020

New from Built Intelligence- November 2020

November was a busy month for Built Intelligence. Two new academies, 26 new online courses and more free webinars. Here is a round up of what the team have been busy building...

New Premium Courses

  • Fundamentals of NEC4 TSC clause 13 communications
  • How to communicate effectively under the NEC4 TSC (Part 1 of 2)
  • How to communicate effectively under the NEC4 TSC (Part 2 of 2)
  • Main responsibilities of the Service Manager and Contract under the NEC4 TSC
  • The Early Warnings Process under NEC4 TSC
  • Producing and managing the Contractor's plan in NEC4 TSC
  • Managing Quality, Tests & Inspections and Defects under NEC4 TSC
  • Introduction to payment under the NEC4 TSC
  • Overview of the NEC4 TSC Payment Mechanisms and Key Terminology
  • Overview of Compensation Events under the NEC4 TSC
  • What are the compensation events in the NEC4 TSC
  • How to notify compensation events under the NEC4 TSC 
  • How to Assess Compensation Events Under the NEC4 TSC
  • Compensation Event Quotations and Service Manager's Assessments
  • Fundamentals of Task Orders in the NEC4 TSC
  • How to put together an NEC4 PSC and choose the right main Options
  • How to choose the right secondary Options under the NEC4 PSC
  • Understanding Client’s and Consultant’s Obligations under NEC4 PSC
  • NEC4 PSC: How to produce and update your programme
  • Quality management, managing Defects and good quality Scope
  • How to pay the Consultant under NEC4 PSC
  • Getting to Grips with Compensation Events under NEC4 PSC
  • Schedule of Cost Components and Short Schedule of Cost Components
  • What to do when things go wrong on an PSC (Rights to material, Liabilities and insurance, Termination and Disputes)

New Webinars

  • Overview of Payment provisions under JCT D&B Contract – Listed items & Deductions
  • Indemnity and insurance under JCT D&B – Public Liability and Works Insurance
  • What to do when things go wrong on a PSC (Rights to material, Liabilities & insurance, Termination & disputes
  • Coronavirus Contract Surgery – Your NEC questions answered on Termination, Force Majeure and Compensation Events
  • The key differences between NEC3 & NEC4

New Short Course format

Adding a new section for short learning with articles & training information in 5-10 minute easy to use reference learning

  • Dynamic cost reporting
  • What is the future of skills in construction?


Built Intelligence boosts its live training programme for 2021 with 70 new courses. Following the launch of the Built Intelligence webinar programme last year, we have now trialed over 21,000 attendees through 2020 and will shortly be launching over 70 web classes in the first quarter of 2021 on the following topics, as we look to increase this programme 5-fold. Titles planned for the start of next year include:

Hosted by Christina Hirst

  • APC Training & Support Sessions

Hosted by Michael Tiplady

  • Payment under the Construction Act

Hosted by Steven Evans

  • Commercial Awareness 
  • Contractual Entitlements 
  • FIDIC Yellow Book
  • CESMM4

Hosted by Barry Trebes

  • NEC3 ECC 
  • NEC4 ECC 
  • NEC4 PSC

Hosted by Neil Earnshaw

  • NEC4 ECS 
  • NEC4 PSC 
  • NEC3 TSC
  • NEC4 TSC
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