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Is becoming a Sustainable Buildings Consultant a waste of time? By Darren Evans

Is becoming a Sustainable Buildings Consultant a waste of time? By Darren Evans

Well, that depends on how much influence you want to have on the way that buildings shape our lives!

Would you like a career where you can influence how buildings are designed? Not just how a building looks, but its impact on the environment and how it feels to be inside?

Would you like to understand concepts like overheating, renewable technology, embodied carbon, and sustainable construction, giving you the opportunity to sit in design meetings and unravel the complexity of vision, ambition, and technical limitations?

If that piques your interest, then our new sustainable building consultants course is the perfect way to gain the skills and knowledge you'll need to help shape the future of buildings. 

Sustainability Consultants:

creating better-built environments 

Achieving sustainable construction and lowering emissions for new and existing buildings, is high on the agenda. Change is happening rapidly, both in the terms of new standards and legislation, and in terms of client expectations for sustainable projects. Yet sustainability is multi-faceted, covering many different aspects of building performance and environmental impact. 

Sustainable building consultants deliver the knowledge and skills necessary to help construction projects demonstrate compliance with changing building regulations. They provide a link between clients, designers, and contractors, helping to ensure that everyone involved with a construction project is aligned on delivering a result that contributes to our net-zero carbon ambitions. 

Do you have what it takes to become a Sustainable Building Consultant?

This course is ideal for individuals who are passionate about sustainability and are eager to help create more energy-efficient buildings that support occupants' comfort and wellbeing. 

It's perfect for those who are already working within the construction industry and are looking to focus on sustainability. It may also be suitable for those coming from other relevant industries who have an interest in sustainability and the built environment. 

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career as a sustainable building consultant and help to create a greener future for everyone Click here for more information and a prospectus or email learning@darren-evans.co.uk

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