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This is your NEC3 blog

This is your NEC3 blog

Are you good at explaining complex NEC3 issues concisely and in plain English?


We are looking for experienced NEC3 practitioners and experts who will bring new ideas or know-how to the NEC3 community. We expect a very high level of English, exceptional writing skills and a strong knowledge of the topics you would like to write about.


Subject matter experts with creative, controversial or unusual ideas that could spark a discussion are very welcomed. Quality is extremely important to us. Are you confident that you can help us deliver high quality content that would meet the high expectations of the NEC3 community?


If you are still interested, great! Please send the follow to: writefor@builtintelligence.com  

  • Links to articles you have published already (unfortunately, we do not accept authors without published articles at the moment).
  • NEC3 project delivery, case studies, collaboration, contract management and disputes/mediation areas you are good at or interested in.
  • 2-3 concrete post ideas with short outlines of each. Please carefully consider articles recently published on our blog.


This is the level of quality we expect. Please suggest only topics that would in your opinion perfectly fit with our blog and outline the keypoints that you'd like to raise and discuss in your article and how it would be structured.


Sound good? We look forward to hearing your ideas!


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