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Answered: How to assess a CE for instructing the Contractor to stop half way through a Task Order

30 June

The clause to look at is 63.2 (as well as the rest of clause 63 more generally).


Answered: Other than to assess tender prices, is there any further purpose for the Activity Schedule under an ECC3 Option C Target Contract ?

26 June

In simple terms not much. 


Answered: Why do ECC option C contracts often fail to deliver successful outcomes?

26 June

Why does any contract or contract option fail to deliver successful outcomes? I can give you lots of good examples as to where ECC option C has led to excellent results to both Parties on a project. 


Answered: When assessing compensation events on an ECC3 contract, how should deleted work be valued?

26 June

Deleted work is a change to the Works Information and therefore a compensation event under clause 60.1(1). You then follow the same mechanism to assess a compensation event whether it is a positive or negative change. 


Answered: How does one operate the ECC3 compensation event clause 60.1(13) for weather?

25 June

This one of the compensation events which the Contractor needs to notify at the end of each calendar month and which shows that the weather measurement in comparison to the weather data canbe shown to have occurred less frequently than once in ten years.


Answered: What is the procedure regarding acceptance of the Contractor’s programme?

25 June

The contractual procedure is clear what to me is of even greater importance are the working practices between the Project Manager (planner) and the Contractor. What will they do every day, every week, every month to keep the programme upto date.

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