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NEC People Conference - Last Spaces

NEC People Conference - Last Spaces

I am very pleased to announce that we are about to offer final places to members of the group for our forthcoming NEC People conference on the 17th June. Invites have been out to sponsor and speakers’ guests and the remaining places are shortly going to be made available. If you would be interested in being considered for a remaining place then please email your request to info@necpeople.co.uk. We just need your name, company, job title and we will allocate the remaining places accordingly. We apologize in advance that we will not be able to offer everyone a place as particularly being a free event we are always oversubscribed. However, this year’s event we will be looking to stream the event live so even if you cannot make the day you can be in attendance on line and even (hopefully) be able to ask questions live.

I would also like to draw your attention to the awards that we are making this year. If you have a nomination for any of the following categories then please download the nomination form on the link below and submit before the end of May closing date:

• NEC3 Contractor of the year
• NEC3 Employer of the year
• NEC3 Project innovation of the year
• NEC3 Best Z clause of the year
• NEC3 Worst Z clause of the year!

Link to award nomination form:

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